Open platform for realizing zero defects in cyber-physical manufacturing

About openZDM

openZDM aims to provide an open platform to support production networks’ zero-defect processes, bringing together existing R&D solutions and creating an innovative state-of-the-art integrated solution.

Trough five industrial pilots in real-life operational conditions the initiative will test and finalize the technological tools and facilitate the adoption of the openZDM solution.

A digital platform that builds on the state-of-the-art Reference Architecture Model for Industry 4.0 and Asset Administration Shell, non-destructive inspection (NDI) methods and data-driven quality assessment techniques for online defect identification and quality assessment. Furthermore, a Digital Twin, key enabling technology for online process adaptation and waste reduction.

openZDM objectives

Non-destructive inspection systems/techniques for quality assessment

  • vision systems
  • Visible (VIS) range
  • infrared (IR) range
  • laser line triangulation systems
  • x-ray diffraction

AAS enabled platform
Implementation of an AAS based application able to analyze the type of data to be exchanged within a digital supply chain holistically considering the CPS, support different communication protocols (OPC UA, REST, MQTT). Platform will also provide, plug&play connection of existing zero-defect manufacturing solutions and tools either open source or proprietary ones. Subsequently, openZDM platform will enable interoperability with the different/competing digital manufacturing ecosystems (e.g. Fiware, MindSphere), between legacy and new systems and between proprietary and open standards by the implementation of connectors and mediators (e.g. Comm. Brokers, edge IoT gateways).

Digital twin for online process adaptation
Digital Twin concept supports the synchronization of the virtual with the real world and provides a novel framework that enables zero-defect engineering and control activities in an open, collaborative multi-sided ecosystem. openZDM aims at enabling the use of Digital Twin services (such as designed and as-implemented data services) using Manufacturing Data over a secured and trusted AAS enabled platform

Data-driven quality assessment for zero defects
openZDMproject aims to introduce a data driven quality assessment solution, embedded in the digital twin infrastructure, capable to extract data, storing it in specialized databases and real-time stream processing of the huge amount of collected data. The data driven approach is supported by advanced ICT and big data analytics tools for real-time data processing and analysis at both local and global levels (in the edge for responsiveness and the cloud for diagnosis and optimization). These features will enable the real-time and early detection of process/product quality deviations and trends, establish correlations between upstream and downstream process variables, and thus allow updating downstream process parameters and acceptance thresholds for quality checks

Decision making tool
A decision-making tool will be provided that can evaluate alternative zero-defect manufacturing strategies, analyse “what-if” scenarios and suggest adaptation strategies to the human or autonomously apply (self)-adaptive strategies. Decision making will consider not only zero-defect benefits but also the throughput, costs and sustainability.

Lifecycle assessment
Lifecycle assessment will also be utilized as a powerful tool to assess the impact of certain zero-defect manufacturing strategies in the lifecycle of the product or the production value chain.