openZDM – spreading the word about zero defects manufacturing

Zero defects manufacturing (ZDM) methodology consists of a scope of tools used to decrease and mitigate manufacturing defects, thus ensuring that processes are done right the first time. With this goal as a starting point, the openZDM project will develop a digital platform for realizing zero defects in cyber-physical manufacturing, by the end of November 2025. In this way, openZDM will set the foundations for a zero defects solution applicable to a large variety of manufacturing industries.

To spread the word about ZDM methodology and openZDM’s platform, during the past six months, the openZDM team attended three networking events focused on innovation, technology, and manufacturing.


The European Manufacturing Conference is a 2-day event held in Brussels, Belgium in September 2022. The focus of the conference was to discuss how recent tendencies, people, technology, and innovation could shape the manufacturing industry of Europe.

A conference on Industrial Technologies – IndTech2022 was held in Grenoble, France (27-29 June 2022) with an aim towards identifying policy options and priorities, sharing of information and comparison of points of views, and improving visibility of industrial technologies. The conference was a space for networking and finding common goals among industry stakeholders.

TechChill is an international startup and tech event held in Milan, Italy from 27th to 29th September 2022. By filling the gaps in knowledge, skills, and networks – the TechChill event helps startups succeed in their missions and connects them with investors, media, and other technology enthusiasts.

On 19th October 2022, in Budapest, Hungary, the I4MS Stakeholders Event assembled the manufacturing ecosystem with the idea of exchanging technological and funding opportunities within the industry.

The main goal was to hasten the digital transformation of the European manufacturing sector while sharing success stories, know-how and lessons learned amongst the key industry players.

As the representative of the initiative, the openZDM team discussed with attendees about innovation in manufacturing, Industry 4.0. trends and the impact of zero defects solutions on the European manufacturing industry. The openZDM initiative will continue its efforts to disseminate the importance of ZDM methodology as one of the key factors towards enabling the organization’s overall competitive advantage.